New Crypto Streetwear Designer Clothes coming in July 2020

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We are very happy to announce that new crypto streetwear and crypto urban clothes items are coming in July 2020. With our new collection coming in we embarking on a new adventure but we are bringing our spirit and essence closer to everyone who wants to decently live their crypto passion.

We have always believed that if you chase your dreams with great passion they will come true, and that´s exactly what happening with bringing out new designer crypto street and urban wear clothes on our ecommerce store

We´ve had this project in mind for a long time, excited to bring out more collections, while continuing to growing and looking for new challenges. And the truth is, we couldn´t be prouder or more satisfied with the results of our hard work.

Three two ago we have also officially published our Instagram and Facebook page and many of you have already stopped to visit it.

Our upcoming collections will embody a variety of well known cryptocurrency projects that are bringing real value and are highly acclaimed in the world of crypto and blockchain. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium, BNB and more.

At our ecommerce store you´ll have a large selection of garments at your fingertips, garments synonymous with quality, style and uniqueness. Carefully selected looks which are subtly for fashion-loving men and women who are believing in the value of cryptocurrencies and blockchain and what it will deliver in the future.

We are available here for you so don´t hesitate to contact us at any moment

Much love,


New Crypto Streetwear Designer Clothes coming in July 2020

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